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Personalisation OPTIONS

One game can tell a thousand stories

From initials and dates to private messages and family crests, make your gift even more personal by customising it with a laser engraving.

Full-size Backgammon ENGRAVING

On the lid, £480 inc. VAT 

Our tournament-size backgammon boards are housed in a wooden case, which can be customised with a date, initials, personal message or something else. Choose from six different fonts or handwritten-style laser engraving.


Travel-size Backgammon Engraving

On the leather case, £180 inc. VAT

The leather case of our travel-size backgammon sets can be laser engraved with everything from the recipient’s initials to a logo or date.


Stone Playing Pieces ENGRAVING

From £660 inc. VAT (set of 30) 

A luxurious addition to our tournament-size backgammon boards, our semi-precious playing pieces can be engraved on the brass casing with anything you desire, from initials and dates to something different on each. Choose from six fonts or handwritten-style laser engraving.

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cards box engraving

On the inside lid, £180 inc. VAT  

Our marquetry cards boxes open up to reveal a wooden lid that can be personalised with the laser engraving of your choice.

Resin Doubling Cubes

The doubling cube –  which allows opponents to bet on the game while they are playing – is the perfect opportunity to get creative.  Alexandra has reimagined the traditional doubling cube, injecting bursts of pigment and suspending unexpected objects in transparent resin.

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OR Create something truly one of a kind…

For the ultimate customised gift, our bespoke games are utterly individual masterpieces – beautiful objects and conversation pieces that will be played and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Commission Process

A step-by-step guide to the bespoke process, which is designed to be straightforward, easy to arrange and enjoyable.

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Private Commissions

Working with Alexandra to tell a very personal story on a bespoke backgammon board is an experience you will never forget.

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Corporate Commissions

Collaborate with Alexandra on a bespoke backgammon board that perfectly encapsulates your brand or business.

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