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Sourcing & sustainability

So much care, thought and love is invested in every Alexandra Llewellyn creation. We have a deep respect for the beautiful materials that nature has bestowed upon us, and the artisans who train for many years to work with them.

time-honoured, Future-focused craft

The techniques we use to bring Alexandra’s designs to life have extraordinary roots and traditions. Our UK-based artisans include marquetry experts, master joiners, a leather artist and a specialist in hand-lacquering, who apply their time-honoured skills to create our exquisite backgammon boards, poker sets, cards boxes and games tables, helping to preserve these heritage crafts for future generations to appreciate.

Sustainable and traceable

All of the veneers and woods used in our marquetry products and boxes are sustainable, with many, including characterful London Oak, sourced locally from within Europe. Thanks to our close relationships with our suppliers, we can trace each piece of wood back to its original source – a numbered tree.

Wherever possible, we choose natural, water-based polishes and lacquers, and tanned leathers from sustainable local sources that have been treated using a minimal amount of chemicals.

We continue to find new ways to directly benefit the local communities from which our materials originate. Most recently, we have partnered with the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan to create a range of semi-precious playing pieces crafted from Afghan stones.


The sustainability that we practice at Alexandra Llewellyn is shared by our suppliers, with whom we are regularly in contact. We know the people who craft our products personally and love to pay them visits to watch them at work.

If you have any questions relating to sourcing or sustainability at Alexandra Llewellyn, please get in touch.