Jungle Poker Set Exterior
Alexandra Llewellyn Skull Poker Set Box
Alexandra Llewellyn Jungle Poker Set Overhead 01
Alexandra Llewellyn Jungle Poker Box Detail 01
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Alexandra Llewellyn Jungle Poker Detail 01
Alexandra Llewellyn Jungle Poker Detail 03
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Jungle Poker Set


Venture deep into the wilderness with our Jungle poker set. Featuring an original Alexandra Llewellyn artwork depicting a vibrant jungle scene in intricate sustainable wood marquetry, the custom design is full of unexpected surprises, including four hidden compartments to discover inside.

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We have never attempted to incorporate four compartments inside a single box before and the result is quite extraordinary. Completely hidden from view, unlocking the secrets of my Jungle poker set will bring so much joy to its owner.

Alexandra LLewellyn

Jungle Poker in detail

  • Fumed Eucalyptus box measures 35cm x 35cm x 16cm
  • Houses 500 traditional clay poker chips and two packs of Alexandra Llewellyn Signature playing cards
  • Four secret compartments
  • Sustainable marquetry woods include Black Poplar, Sycamore and Bubinga
  • Engraved labradorite dealer button, inlaid in brass, and mother of pearl blind buttons
  • Made in England


Alexandra demonstrates the unique artistry and craftsmanship of the Jungle Poker Set and reveals its hidden compartments.


Each side of the poker box features different creatures, including a monkey, a stag beetle, a hummingbird and a leopard gecko flicking his tongue over the lid, tempted by a new kind of prey: a European honeybee.  Accompanied by the classic suits in a pack of cards, interpreted in abstract chevron stripes, the exquisite wood marquetry detail continues inside the lid.

Secret Compartments

In an extraordinary show of ingenuity, Alexandra’s master joiner has incorporated four secret compartments within the fumed eucalyptus wood box, one of which contains a key to unlock a miniature drawer. Each decorated with chevron marquetry, they are so well hidden that discovering them is no easy feat.

Adventures in Wood

The entire box, and the inside lid, are inlaid by hand to recreate Alexandra’s multi-layered jungle scene. Working with over 1,000 pieces of individually cut wood, the marquetry artist uses the grains and patterns in the woods to capture the lushness of the jungle and the vibrancy of the creatures that live there.

Only the Best

Housing 500 traditional clay poker chips, custom made by the oldest poker chip makers in the US, and two packs of Alexandra’s Signature playing cards, the dealer button is carved from shimmering labradorite, laser engraved with the letter D, and the blind buttons cut from luxurious mother of pearl.

A Seamless Finish

Handmade by Alexandra’s highly skilled master joiners, the precise, seamless construction of the box is further elevated with beautifully executed design details, including polished brass hinges, leather-handled trays on two levels, a brass lock and flawless dovetail joints throughout, including the miniature joints in the secret compartments.


Backgammon board box lids and Stone Playing Pieces can be personalised with laser-engraved initials, dates, or even a short message. You can request engraving during the online checkout process.

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Worldwide Delivery

All orders (for stocked items) are shipped within 2-5 working days.  Personalisation will be an additional 7 days.   Shipping charges can be viewed here.  All displayed GBP £ prices include VAT. If your shipping location is outside the UK, the price shown at checkout will exclude VAT.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Every Alexandra Llewellyn purchase is beautifully wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

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