How do I store my game and playing pieces?

Please store in a dry place and avoid contact with humidity and dampness and exposing the game to extended periods of sunlight and heat. We recommend keeping your game in the sleeve supplied when not in use. 

Our natural semi-precious stone playing pieces could chip if not handled with care. Be sure to store them in the tray or compartment in your game. Do not leave them loose within your games set. 

How should I clean my game?

For regular cleaning, we would suggest using a micro-fibre cloth to lightly dust and remove finger marks and other impurities from our wooden products. Leather products should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution and left to dry naturally.

Is my game waterproof?

Unfortunately not.  Our products are hand-lacquered to protect the wood and leather but knocks or wet spills can dent or stain the surface. If exposed to water, do not dry with direct heat. Mop up any spills immediately with a clean cloth.