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Corporate Commissions

Designs that capture the essence of your brand

Commissioned by prestigious luxury brands, Alexandra’s corporate clients range from fashion houses and hotel groups to master distillers and Swiss watchmakers, all of whom have collaborated with her on a custom-made game for their business.

The Art of Play

Each Alexandra Llewellyn commission is an opportunity to see your brand interpreted through the eyes of an artist. Alexandra is adept at transforming themes and subjects into unconventional, utterly individual masterpieces that make unique gifts, keepsakes and client incentives.


Getting to the heart of your brand and how it is represented is a key consideration for Alexandra and her team. Discovering your brand values and finding creative ways in which to showcase them is fundamental to any corporate commission and one of the first stages in Alexandra’s design process.

I have long admired Alexandra’s work. Her designs reawaken a joyous childhood emotion that translates so well for Temperley’s fun-loving ethos.

Alice Temperley

An Exciting and Involved Process

An opportunity for rich storytelling to share on your social channels and in client communications, the creation process is designed to be fun and enjoyable. Once a design is complete, Alexandra will provide photo-real digital renders of your commission, with the flexibility for two sets of revisions in order for you to confidently sign off the final design.


Playing pieces crafted from opulent materials. Shakers and dice in different colours and finishes. A resin doubling die with a precious memento suspended inside. Laser engravings to further personalise your commission. Almost anything is possible when it comes to a bespoke Alexandra Llewellyn creation.


Presented in a velvet pouch, accompanied by certificates of authenticity and care instructions, we can custom-make sustainable packaging that complements your company’s branding.

Working with Alexandra was a delight from beginning to end. The finished board is the perfect expression of a creative partnership at its very best.

Katherine, USA

A bespoke 'Mars' and space design Photographic backgammon board

CORPORATE Backgammon

Marquetry or Photographic

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The BESPOKE Process

A step-by-step guide to the bespoke process, which is designed to be straightforward, easy to arrange and enjoyable.

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