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Vortex Marquetry Backgammon Set


A limited-edition work of art and craftsmanship.  15 sets available.

Inspired by the feeling of being inescapably drawn into a game, our marquetry Vortex backgammon set features a hypnotic design that radiates outwards from the centre of the board. Handcrafted in a myriad of different woods, colourful concentric circles compel the eye inwards, reflecting the whirlpool of emotions one experiences when playing this classic board game.

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Engraving Backgammon Full-size Box (£480)

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Personalisation Notes

If you love to play, you will know that feeling of being sucked into a game, with no hope of escape until it is over. My design recreates that spiralling sensation of falling into the vortex, where nothing else matters apart from your next move.

Alexandra LLewellyn


  • Size: 77 x 60 x 5cm (Open) 38.5 x 60 x10cm (Closed)
  • Semi-precious lapis lazuli and mother of pearl playing pieces, black calf leather shakers, black calf leather shakers, precision laser-cut dice and weighted doubling cube
  • Ziricote wood box with signature fastenings
  • Sustainable marquetry woods include walnut burr, bird’s eye maple, American black walnut, sycamore, padauk and tulipwood
  • Personalisation options include laser engraved dates, initials, a handwritten message on the box or engraving of the playing pieces
  • Made in England


The concentric design is highly complex, with the circles comprising hundreds of slices of wood, selected according to the direction and quality of the grain. Each piece is cut by the marquetry artist so that the patterning on the woods radiates outwards within the circle, highlighting the juxtaposition between the different woods and grains.


Like the growth rings that tell the age of a tree or the ripples when a stone is dropped in water, Alexandra’s radiating concentric circles reflect the hypnotic pull of gaming – that whirling vortex of emotions you experience when you are fully concentrating, inescapably absorbed in the moment.


Expertly aligned to intersect the concentric circles without interrupting their flow, the triangles on the playing surface are crafted from different inlaid natural woods – sycamore, ash, fumed eucalyptus, American black walnut and walnut burr – selected by Alexandra to contrast with the vibrant coloured woods on the board.


Touched by nine different workshops in the UK, the Vortex backgammon set is a celebration of time-honoured crafts. Brought to life by leading artists in their fields, including an authority in the rare handcraft of marquetry, a master joiner, a leather artist and a specialist in hand-lacquering, the set is presented with semi-precious playing pieces: vivid blue lapis lazuli, which is believed to bring deep peace, and soothing and calming mother of pearl.


Backgammon board box lids and Stone Playing Pieces can be personalised with laser-engraved initials, dates, or even a short message. You can request engraving during the online checkout process.

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All orders (for stocked items) are shipped within 2-5 working days.  Personalisation will be an additional 7 days.   Shipping charges can be viewed here.  All displayed GBP £ prices include VAT. If your shipping location is outside the UK, the price shown at checkout will exclude VAT.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Every Alexandra Llewellyn purchase is beautifully wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

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