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Beetle Chess Set

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A dazzling homage to the wonder of nature, our photographic Signature Beetle chess set takes this classic game of strategy and elevates it to an art form. Alternating white Cabbage butterflies, native to Great Britain, with iridescence scarab beetles, the original Alexandra Llewellyn design contrasts two of the most captivating creatures in the animal kingdom, which together form an exquisite backdrop to a game of chess or draughts.

This Beetle Chess Set has a 12-14 week lead time.


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I have lost count of the number of people who have asked when I will be launching a chess set. A beautiful objet d’art to display in the home as well as a game to play time and time again, the alternating butterflies and scarab beetles bring a fresh, contemporary beauty to a centuries-old pastime.



  • Size: 55 x 55 x 9cm
  • Flocking-lined Tiger Oak veneer box with signature fastenings
  • 32 Staunton-style wood chess pieces in Verdigris green and golden yellow lacquer
  • 24 semi-precious malachite and mother-of-pearl draughts playing pieces
  • Personalisation options include laser engraved dates, initials or a handwritten message
  • Made in England


The 8 x 8 checkerboard is transformed into a canvas upon which Alexandra can experiment with new ways to present her enthralling photographic designs. Butterflies, which have long been a source of inspiration to Alexandra, are juxtaposed with iridescent scarab beetles, which were revered by the Ancient Egyptians and remain potent symbols of protection today.


Digitally reproduced on the wooden playing surface by a fine art printer using sophisticated print technology, the clarity is incredible. The butterflies’ distinctive markings and the beetles’ shimmering wings appear just as they do in nature, creating a striking contrast of colours that perfectly mimics the alternating dark and light squares on a traditional chessboard.



Our Beetle chess set reveals the attention Alexandra, and her team of artisans, pay to every little detail. Presented in a striped Tiger Oak veneer box, removing the lid reveals wooden chess pieces, designed in the classic Staunton style and bespoke finished in Verdigris green and golden yellow lacquer, and semi-precious malachite and white marble playing pieces for draughts.


Semi-precious playing pieces are a luxurious upgrade to our Signature Beetle chess set. Designed to complement the nature-inspired design, Alexandra recommends personalisation for the malachite and white marble draught playing pieces, which can be added as an extra at checkout.


Backgammon board box lids and Stone Playing Pieces can be personalised with laser-engraved initials, dates, or even a short message. You can request engraving during the online checkout process.

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Worldwide Delivery

All orders (for stocked items) are shipped within 2-5 working days.  Personalisation will be an additional 7 days.   Shipping charges can be viewed here.  All displayed GBP £ prices include VAT. If your shipping location is outside the UK, the price shown at checkout will exclude VAT.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Every Alexandra Llewellyn purchase is beautifully wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

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