Alexandra Llewellyn Luna backgammon set open
Luna backgammon board
Alexandra Llewellyn Luna backgammon set open
Alexandra Llewellyn Luna backgammon set playing pieces
Fumed Eucalyptus 1
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Luna Backgammon Set


The passage of time is beautifully captured on our photographic Luna backgammon set, which features a complete lunar cycle of the Moon. A nod to the origins of the game, the design is inspired by the legend of the Sassanian king Ardashir, ruler of Persia in the 3rd century AD, who is attributed with inventing the game of Nard, one of the earliest known versions of backgammon as we know it today.

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Engraving Backgammon Full-size Box (£480)

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Personalisation Notes

While there is much speculation as to the origins of backgammon, I have always believed there is a cosmological symbolism to the game. My Luna design brings new-found meaning to the ancient idea that all the different aspects of the board correspond to the inexorable passage of time.

Alexandra Llewellyn

Luna in detail

  • Size: 77 x 60 x 5cm (Open) 38.5 x 60 x10cm (Closed)
  • Fumed Eucalyptus box with signature fastenings
  • Semi-precious yellow agate and blue agate playing pieces, black calf leather shakers, precision laser-cut dice and weighted doubling cube

  • Embossed weighted leather doubling die and precision laser-cut dice
  • Personalisation options include laser engraved dates, initials or handwritten message
  • Made in England

Celestial Magic

The multi-layered design features a starry, midnight-blue sky overlaid with the phases of the Moon, which replace 12 of the traditional triangles on the playing surface – an Alexandra Llewellyn design signature. The Moon’s cratered surface is clearly visible as it waxes and wanes around both sides of the board, with wispy clouds filtering the moonlight so that the sky appears to glow neon blue.

Ancient Symbolism

History suggests that backgammon has always been much more than just a game. With 24 “points” corresponding to the 24 hours of the day, 12 points in each half of the board representing the 12 months of the year and 30 playing pieces that characterise the days of the month, Alexandra’s design was inspired by the enduring belief that the passage of time is reflected in the layout of a backgammon board.

A Breathtaking Finish

The finish is incredible, with the design digitally printed on the board with stunning photorealism by a printer who specialises in the reproduction of high-quality fine art. Each element of the craftsmanship is overseen by an expert and authority in their art, from the flawless joinery of the solid eucalyptus wood box to the fine leather craftsmanship within and the seamless, matte satin finish of the hand-lacquered board. Not to mention a gorgeous doubling cube with gold crystal inside, which you can add as an extra to your set.

Look to the Stars

Our Signature backgammon boards are the perfect starting point for envisaging a completely unique design for yourself or a special someone. From celestial motifs and constellations to Zodiac signs, please get in contact to discuss collaborating with Alexandra on a bespoke backgammon board that is full of cosmic meaning.

Night & Day

Further enhancing our Luna backgammon board, the set is presented with luxurious semi-precious playing pieces, personally chosen by Alexandra to complement her design. Wrapped in polished brass, the vibrant yellow agate pieces represent the day, while the blue agate pieces symbolise the night, their colour reflecting the sensation of looking up at a celestial sky.


Backgammon board box lids and Stone Playing Pieces can be personalised with laser-engraved initials, dates, or even a short message. You can request engraving during the online checkout process.

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Worldwide Delivery

All orders (for stocked items) are shipped within 2-5 working days.  Personalisation will be an additional 7 days.   Shipping charges can be viewed here.  All displayed GBP £ prices include VAT. If your shipping location is outside the UK, the price shown at checkout will exclude VAT.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Every Alexandra Llewellyn purchase is beautifully wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

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