Bespoke Games Tables


Alexandra designs games tables and unique pieces of bespoke furniture for any setting.

From £22,000

Her games tables flip between cards, chess and backgammon, or can be transformed from occasional tables into luxury wooden board games.

One of Alexandra’s proudest achievements is her unique circular backgammon table. She had a ‘eureka’ moment when she realised that backgammon is a circular game, but in its 5,000-year history it has always been in a square format. Also her Louisa table, which turns from a console table to a cards surface, then chess, and finally backgammon. 

When Alexandra creates your design, every detail is considered. As well as meticulously chosen materials, she focuses on personal details such as secret messages inlaid in marquetry, or meaningful semi-precious stones and leather embossed with handwritten memories.

Please see below for inspiration and email to arrange a call with Alexandra.

bespoke games tables