29 Jul 2019



Alexandra Llewellyn is proud to launch her latest creation - the Zodiac round backgammon board.

Handcrafted in the UK using sustainable wood and traditional woodworking techniques such as dovetail drawers, marquetry inlay and hand-finishing, the Zodiac board is a timeless objet d’art bringing to life the true art of marquetry, taking luxury gaming to the next level.

The Zodiac board breaks the boundaries of the traditional backgammon layout, which has always been rectangular for over 5000 years. Its round design plays to the circular nature of the game, as well as referencing the orbits of the sun and moon, and the ancient astrological year.

The Zodiac boards star constellations are crafted in Mother of Pearl and silver wire, inlaid meticulously by hand, they complement the playing pieces designed to mirror the sun and moon travelling around the stars in orbit. The sun playing pieces, made from Cabochon Carnelian, a glassy, translucent stone known for its brilliant orange and red-orange crystals perfectly compliment the cast solid Silver of the moon playing pieces, designed to reflect the surface of the moon as they shimmer around the board.

This design is made to order and can be personalised with your star sign inlaid in your birthstone.

See the Zodiac board here - https://alexandrallewellyn.com/products/zodiac