Resin Cubes 2
Alexandra Llewellyn Resin Doubling Cubes
Red Cube
Alexandra Llewellyn Resin Doubling Cubes
Alexandra Llewellyn Resin Doubling Cubes
Orange Cube
Alexandra Llewellyn Resin Doubling Cubes
Green Cube
Alexandra Llewellyn Resin Doubling Cubes
Crystallised gold resin doubling cube
Resin Cubes 1

Resin Doubling Cubes



Enhance your game of backgammon with an explosion of pigment, ribbon of colour or even an extraterrestrial artifact. Alexandra has designed a collection of seven resin doubling cubes, which are an original and eye-catching addition to your backgammon set and introduce an element of fun each time you double the stakes.

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Designed to complement my signature backgammon boards, I always look forward to challenging my opponent with a resin doubling cube.

Alexandra Llewellyn


  • 36mm x 36mm
  • Choose from seven different designs: Martian Meteorite; Gold Crystal; Blue Explosion; Red Explosion; Black Explosion; Blue & Green; and Light Blue Ribbon
  • Because of the nature of the materials used, each doubling cube is unique

  • Acrylic casing
  • Laser-engraved numbers
  • Designed by Alexandra in London, made in England

Colour Explosion

Four of our doubling cube designs feature bursts of vibrant pigment captured inside. Beautiful experiments in colour, there is no way to predict how the pigment will react within the resin, making each doubling cube unique.


A different but no less spectacular effect is captured within our fifth design, which features ribbons of colour that swirl within before rising upwards to form an artfully abstract pattern within the transparent cube.

Extraterrestrial inspiration

A sixth design features a precious piece of Mars in the form of a Martian meteorite dating back billions of years, which crash-landed on Earth and is now suspended for eternity within our transparent resin doubling cube.


For something truly special, Alexandra has created a resin doubling die with crystallised gold encased inside. Sourced from Eagle’s Nest Mine in California, crystallised gold is extremely rare and is only discovered in small pocket mines such as the Eagle’s Nest Mine. 

Up the stakes

Backgammon has always been a popular gambling game, made even more exciting with the use of a doubling die. Allowing you to double the stakes with each turn of the dice,  if you have a wager on the outcome, the doubling cube is at the very heart of the game.

how to use a doubling cube

Alexandra invited her friend Chris Bray, Britain’s top-ranking player and leading authority of backgammon, to share his essential beginner’s guide to using the doubling cube.

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Backgammon board box lids and Stone Playing Pieces can be personalised with laser-engraved initials, dates, or even a short message. You can request engraving during the online checkout process.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Every Alexandra Lllewellyn purchase is beautifully gift-wrapped and dispatched in packaging designed to protect and enhance your new game. If the order is a gift, you can write a gift note at checkout. We will remove any paperwork stating the price.

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