24 Jun 2019



In May 2017 Alexandra was invited to Jumby Bay Island by Rosewood hotels. The aim was for her to find inspiration to create designs for this special and very private island. Inspiration was not hard to come by. The island itself is beautiful and full of wonderful characters; as well as residents and guests, the island is home to an amazing spectrum of wildlife.

Whilst on the island, Alexandra learnt to play warri from world champion Trevor Simon. She instantly fell in love with the game and designed a warri set with a beautifully aged oak, referencing the numerous shipwrecks in the area, that was gifted to guests and residents for Christmas that year.

She also designed a beautiful marquetry backgammon set - taking the banana leaves from the legendary murals in the Estate House, with inlaid details of animal from the island. The playing pieces are malachite and white jasper. The game is encased in a Santos Rosewood box.

Alexandra also designed one of her signature round backgammon tables, again referencing the beautiful murals and also the Caribbean’s rich nautical history.