25 Mar 2019



A unique design that has become one of our most popular signature pieces. Alexandra has re-imagined the world’s oldest game of backgammon. For thousands of years backgammon has been square, but when you play in a circle, Alexandra would say that her radial design is a more logical format.

We custom-make each games table. Here is a film about a bamboo themed table that we made for a room that housed the client's  collection of Asian art and artefacts. Alexandra first hand-painted the bamboo, which was then digitally traced, and laser cut in black poplar – then inlaid into Mahogany to match the room’s interior, alongside inlaid brass triangles. On the flip side we inlaid the client’s coat of arms, which was also hand engraved onto one side of the brass playing pieces. The opponent’s side was inlaid with malachite.

Contact us to commission your own games table – whether flipping from backgammon to chess, or cards; or a beautiful marquetry design for everyday use that flips into backgammon for late night games.

Grey oak palm tableBlack marble and copperQuality controlbamboo games tableMalachite piecesBanana leaf tableBanana leaf tableDrawing upTulip round tableMaking the tableebony palm table