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Photographic TECHNIQUE

Bold designs, realised with breathtaking clarity

Realised in the most incredible, vibrant, high-definition detail, our photographic backgammon boards feature digital reproductions of original Alexandra Llewellyn artworks. Juxtaposing imagery and photographic elements, the multi-layered designs are reproduced with pin-point precision upon the wooden playing board for a completely seamless finish.

Cutting-edge Technology

Printed in the UK by fine art printers, the intricacy of Alexandra’s artworks, which can incorporate photographs, archival images and sketches in a single design, are reproduced with astonishing clarity and colour upon the board. With Alexandra’s signature quality and style, they are finished and sealed with hand-applied lacquer, then assembled within solid wood boxes with soft calf leather interiors.

Extraordinary Designs

Using many different sources of inspiration, including her collections of photographs, natural materials and sketches she has gathered over the years, Alexandra’s designs are utterly unique.

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I love the juxtaposition of the incredible, vibrant imagery and photographic elements with the natural materials used to craft the box.

Alexandra Llewellyn

Unique Collaborations

Alexandra’s photographic designs lend themselves perfectly to collaborations with photographers. Working with the photographer Terry O’Neill and the estate of Milton H. Greene, Alexandra has created beautiful limited-edition collectors’ pieces featuring icons including Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

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At Alexandra Llewellyn, we consider the playability of the design to be just as important as the aesthetics. The geometry of each photographic backgammon board is carefully considered and precisely calculated to ensure ease of play.

A Luxurious Addition

Designed to complement Alexandra’s full-size backgammon boards, semi-precious stone playing pieces are a beautiful addition to the game. Available in a variety of colours, sourced by Alexandra because she loves the colours or patterns within the stone, the brass casing is available in a variety of finishes: chrome, brushed brass, gunmetal or rose gold. We are also able to source stones for you, so please ask if you are looking for a specific stone or colour.

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Commission a bespoke backgammon board

A photographic backgammon board featuring an original design by Alexandra Llewellyn is the most wonderful and original of gifts. Alexandra uses a person’s life story as inspiration for her bespoke creations, weaving adventures, passions and personalities into her designs, working hand in hand with the client every step of the way.

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